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To bring a lost pet home

There’s nothing worse than your beloved pet just disappearing or getting lost. Cats are curious and often wander off and lose their way.  The worry you feel as an owner is just unbearable.  I have lost count of how many times this spell has brought home lost cats.  It really works!

It is vital that when casting the following spell, you really believe that your magic will work. 

Items you need to use

A photo of your pet

A flyer to post through the doors

5 white candles

Any flowers or plants, twigs or weeds from the garden or the area surrounding your home

Your pet’s collar or favourite toy

A piece of paper and a felt tip pen

A fireproof dish or open fire

Firstly, make a flyer on the PC that you can later post in all the neighbouring houses. Make sure you have the words 'LOST PET' at the top of the flyer and then a picture of your cat/dog. Offer a small reward and ask people to check their garden sheds and garages. Post this through all the houses nearby. You can even post it on Facebook.  The more people you reach the better. Keep one flyer back to use in your spell.

Set up a small altar or table and place the photograph and flyer of your pet in the center. 

Circle the photo with the 5 white candles and light them. 

Place the twigs, leaves and flowers around the outside of the candles and situate your pet’s toy or collar to one side. 

Write your pet’s name on the top of the paper and then copy out out the spell beneath, below. 

Light the candles and recite the words on the piece of paper 12 times

[Pet’s Name]

Here me now, hear my plea, I summon you to return to me,

Walk the path to where I stand,

With this magic I command,

No more will you stray or roam,

Walk back to me and come back home.

When you have said the spell 12 times, place the piece of paper and the flyer in the fireproof dish and very carefully remove one of the candles and take it outside with the bowl. Light the papers with the flame from the candle and watch the smoke go into the air. If you have an open fire, you can burn the paper inside the grate and then go outside to watch the smoke come out of the chimney. 

Place the candle back on your altar and let all 5 burn down. 

Your pet will psychically sense your command and follow the scent of the spell right back to the front door.

BOOST THE SPELL - When the candles have burned, take the toy or collar and leave outside the front door or scatter the flowers and twigs around the garden.


To Ease Anxiety in Pets

I acquired this darling little puppy, Phoebe, in January 2018 and from the beginning, she was terrified of literally everything! I devised a spell using a magical pillow and it worked wonders, making her feel much more relaxed in no time at all.

You can also use the spell to combat anxiety if your pet is left alone, visiting the vet or put in kennels.

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Items you need to use

1 handful of dried Valerian and 1 handful of dried Passion Flower petals (both of these hold calming properties and can be purchased quite cheaply from the internet.)15 - 20 drops of lavender essential oil.

1 large, purple candle for peace

A pillow in a white pillowcase

Cotton and needle

Set up a small surface area, either a kitchen worktop or a small altar and blend together the dried Valerian and Passion Flower petals in a bowl.

Add approx 15 - 20 drops of lavender oil and mix around with the tips of your fingers.

Light the candle next to the bowl and say this spell 3 times.

These magical plants today I blend,

To ease the nerves of my restless friend,

Quiet in mind while I am gone,

Anxiety, there shall be none.

When you have recited the spell 3 times, close the ritual by saying the words ‘so mote it be’ and let the candle burn for a few hours next to the dried plants. In the evening place the magical plants in a drawstring bag and tuck them into the pillowcase.

With a cotton and needle, sew up the side of the pillowcase, completing the spell.

Leave the pillow with your pet while you are away and the magic from the dried plants should keep him calm and happy until your return.

BOOST THE SPELL - Relight the candle for 10 mins each time before you leave your pet alone, then blow it out. This should give the poochy pouch more clout.


Naughty Pets

(chewing, urinating, barking and scratching).

If your pet is misbehaving, whether it’s chewing everything in sight, marking his territory or barking non-stop, make a pet behaving potion to combat it.

Items you need to use

A large clean spray bottle

The rind of one lemon

The rind of one orange

1 white candle

1 pint of boiling water

Light the candle in the kitchen somewhere near the cooker. Peel the rind from the orange and lemon and place the rind in a pan of boiling water. Say this spell over and over while stirring the boiling potion.

I change your conduct

I alter your mind

Annoying habits are left behind

Do this for a few minutes then turn the potion off the heat and leave to cool beside the candle until the candle has burned down. When the potion is completely cooled, remove the peel and transfer just the fluid into the spray bottle. Screw on the lid and shake well.

Spray the potion all around the rooms in your home and especially the furniture or things your pet chews. This will change your pet’s vibration and make the house smell lovely at the same time.

BOOST THE SPELL - Before you spray, place 2 fresh sage leaves in the spray bottle to add extra oomph to the potion.