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Leanna & Shawn's Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey!


Shawn Robbins ~ USA

Back in 2013, I had purchased some old copies of Prediction Magazine and when they arrived and I began unpacking them, a stray copy of Fate & Fortune Magazine dropped on to the floor. As if by magic, it fell open on Leanna's column and I began to read. My psychic senses started to twitch and I knew immediately that we had to write a book together. I sent her an email and waited for a reply.

Working with Leanna has been such an inspiring journey. I consider us sister witches, using collective magic with our writing and spells, from both sides of the pond.


Leanna Greenaway ~ UK

I was shocked to receive Shawn's email, especially as she was so well known in psychic circles throughout the world. Of course, I didn't hesitate when she said she wanted to write a book with me and said "yes, let's do it!" For a year, we worked relentlessly and then Wiccapedia was born. We went on to write other books, The Witch's Way and The Crystal Witch [all with Sterling Publishers] and are working hard now on our fourth book which will be out early next year.

Shawn is amazing and I am so honoured that she reached out to me.

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