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NEW BOOK - Fairy Soap, Spellbound's Seduction


Mother and daughter, Leanna and Beleta Greenaway have joined forces and have written their very first novel.

Fairy Soap, is a comical, sexy read that will have you laughing all the way through the pages.

Meet Leticia Zamforia (a powerful fairy sorceress) and her 18 year old daughter, Spellbound, as they embark on one of many adventures.

Sex is a free for all in fairyland, with none of the social stigmas associated with the human realm but Spellbound has inherited her Aunt Hester's Victorian genes and will only have rumpy pumpy with her true love. This leaves the handsome Elf, Drillian Macavity, who is second in charge to the famous tooth fairy company, Molars Inc. at a loss. The lengths he goes to in order to bed the sweet fairy are truly outrageous!

This book is for adults only. Not suitable for little eyes!

Leanna and Beleta have 50 signed copies of this book available to buy now at a discounted price. This offer is only open to UK residents with a fee of £4.10 postage for recorded delivery.

For those overseas , please email for postal prices. 


Leanna and Beleta Greenaway

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