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Beleta Greenaway


Bestselling Author of

Fairy Soap, Spellbound's Seduction

Out of Your Hands: What Palmistry Reveals About Your Personality and Destiny

Angels, Orion Plain and Simple

The Catalog of the Unexplained (Release Date - January 2021)

The Little Book of Crystals (Release date - late 2020)

The Little Book of Meditation  (Release date - late 2020)

Beleta Greenaway is a well known palmist and clairvoyant in the South West of England. Her career began over 40 years ago in the North, where over the course of time she built up an established clientele. Since then, she has written a bestselling book, Out of Your Hands and Angels, Orion, Plain and Simple.

Beleta has always worked predominantly with angels and is guided by them in her readings.

Last year, Beleta and her daughter, Leanna combined their talents and wrote their very first book together on the paranormal, 'Catalog of the Unexplained' to be released with Llewellyn Publishing in January 2021. 

They have also released their novel, Fairy Soap, Spellbound's Seduction, which can be purchased on 

Amazon UK and Amazon US

For UK residents, we have a limited amount of signed copies available   HERE

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