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Leanna Greenaway

Like many other witches across the world, I like to follow Eclectic Witchery. People like me need a faith that rings true to the soul and so we pick and choose various parts of the craft to suit us. For me, a real faith has to chime inside my heart and in order for me to seek my inner truth, I shy away from strict tradition and allow myself to go with the 'feel right' theory. So many faiths have hard and fast rules and I personally, don't like to feel restricted. Eclectic Witches will borrow parts from all kinds of pagan or neo-pagan practises and utilize them into their own personal belief system. Some of these can be from all over the world, covering many cultures.

Because we live in the 21st century, my aim is to bring traditional spells and rituals up to date and so I often reinvent them into a more modern, functioning form of witchcraft.

From being a child, I have always had a love of angels and believed that each and every one of us has our own personal, guardian angel. I have confidence in the fact that our angels are by our side every single day and so for me, this is a perfect way for me to tap into their influence and summon them to help me with my magic.

Angels have existed in magical practices for centuries, but the term ‘Angelic Wicca’ is relatively new. This modern movement of witchcraft has become more popular in the last thirty years or so and works with the angelic vibration, rather than the traditional Gods and Goddesses. Many up and coming witches find they have more of an infinity with the angels but they also appreciate that each person who practices the craft, has their own calling. Some will feel more comfortable following tradition, using only the God and Goddess energy; while others will bypass a deity altogether and simply prefer to worship nature.

The beauty of Wicca, and whichever path you follow, is that it is a widespread faith where an individual has the freedom to carve out their own path. 

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